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Program in Animation Filmmaking

Course Duration: 288 hours

Learn all about animation and the process of live action filmmaking in just a year and be rewarded with a successful career. MAAC's DAFM course focuses on storyboarding, cinematography, character design, modeling, texturing, lighting, 3D animation and more.

Our certified trainers, along with our industry-relevant teaching methods, dynamic curriculum and studio-like atmosphere, provides you a stimulating environment. We foster your imagination and give you the skills needed to achieve a well-paying, successful career in this exciting world of animation.

Course Details

  • Pre-production
  • Cinematography
  • Stop-motion
  • Compositing
  • Concepts of Non-Linear Editing
  • Lighting & rendering
  • Character setup & skinning
  • Storyboarding
  • Concepts of filmmaking
  • Digital design
  • Sound editing
  • Modeling & texturing
  • Particle & dynamics
  • Character animation

  • Design visualisation artist
  • Animator
  • Motion graphic artist
  • Modeling artist
  • Lighting artist
  • Rigging artist
  • Digital designer


  • photoshop editing software Adobe Photoshop
  • after effcts logo pngAdobe After Effects
  • audio editing softwareAdobe Audition
  • premier pro logo pngAdobe Premiere Pro
  • 3ds max logoAutodesk 3ds Max
  • mudbox animation softwareAutoDesk Mudbox

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